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Frank Automation has completed an automation system engineering project in the waste water treatment in Genecor Biology Engineering Co., Ltd. in 2000, covering level, pressure, flow, analyze, control valves while PLC provides system control and reporting.

The display has been normal!

Multi-tasks temperature displayer with transmitter functions

System supplier, flowmeter'sfield consultant and end user

Pulse output function to be used to enhance system accuracy

In 2002. Feb., Frank Automation completed a video apparatuses and light automatic control system Shanghai Media Group (SMG). It uses touch control screen to do remote control for more than 20 big TV apparatuses and manual/ automatic switching systems for the light, curtain automatic control.

Frank Automation completed an audio, video, light and curtain automatic control system for Shanghai Media Group.

Use touch control screen to do remote control.

Frank Automation has completed projects in designing, installation and commissioning in the automatic control for Mark Sensing from 2002~2005, these are de-ion water measurement, waste water transportation, LPG monitoring station, high COD sludge & waste water treatment projects. The most difficult and important project of all is the high COD sludge & waste water treatment one whose COD is normally more than 10,000 with different kind of organic contents from the inlet.We cooperated with an university, used physical and chemical treatment technologies to suppress thousands of high COD. After treatment, the mass waste water can be drained, a big part of the water even can be recycled!

High COD printing waste watertransportation system acted a very important role. Ultrasonicsensor detects the tank level.

Ultrasonic level monitoring& control system

Physics and chemistry reactor tank

More then thousands of high COD have been suppressed and wastewater can be recycled!

Frank Automation has been doing a second phase project in Zhangzhou eastern waste water treatment plant covering instruments and PLC SCADA system. This project uses many advanced instruments from E+H, China made smart actuators and the PLC from AB, the whole new system will work well together with the first phase facilities done by an Australian engineering company.

No inferences due to fermentation and agitation where the microwave level meter is installed on the digestion tank.

Smart magnetic flow meter can be givenfault message, empty pipe detectionalarm, pipe direction, process alarm and instrument alarm which is communicated with PLC.

Explosion proof pressure transmitter installed on desulfurization tank

Compact temperature sensor and transmitter

PLC control panel of 1st phase

Smart valves and actuators

Overview model of the II phase and egg type huge digestion tank.

Daily treatment 100,000 tons Overview- Zhangzhou municipal waste water treatment project

Great digestion tank.

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